Dear Linda,

You are my angel! Thank you so much for helping my mom find someone to fit my wedding gown. If you don’t remember us, we were the two frantic women who had a couple of bad experiences at another Bridal Salon and then we met you! You found us Gail and before we knew it, I was being fitted and my mom and I got to enjoy the whole experience together. Thank you so much. I hope to see you at my next fitting.

Tracy Crowley


Dear Linda,

Louisa, and Rosa A sincere and warm thank you to you for a truly stress-free ( and quick ) “shopping for a wedding gown” experience. I still can’t believe how efficiently you helped me to find the appropriate gown and altered it wonderfully in less than a week. Never mind your lovely manner and reassurance. The wedding could not have been more PERFECT, and the gown fit and looked beautiful. The cape was a huge hit as well and kept the baby and me very cozy. Thanks again to you for everything, my dear friend. I hope we will meet again. God bless you.

Fondly, Debbie Beaudreau


Dear Venissa,

I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful every time I was in the store. As you know, wedding planning is very stressful… You made it a pleasure! Good luck with your future wedding and Thanks again.

Shannon Conway


Dear Linda,

I just wanted to thank you for being so very kind to Michelle and I last weekend. You certainly are in the right kind of business. I sure will see more of you. Continued success …I have two other daughters and you can be sure i will come to your shop with both of them.

Connie Sampson


Dear Linda, Gail, Erica and Staff,

I can’t believe it’ already nine months since my wedding! The memory of the day is still very fresh in my mind. One of the things that stands out in my mind is the memory of the beautiful dresses, and the wonderful service that you provided for my bridesmaids and me. I just wanted to thank you again for the time and effort you put into helping us find our dresses and making sure thy fit beautifully!

Lisa Gordon-Clark